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I had a 3 year contract with Cintas. My driver and I talked in Feb and I advised him I would not renew as our business is very slow and we had to cut back on our expenses. He said ok, we will talk next month.

The following month was another driver and I just assumed he was on vacation. When we had a different driver again, I called the company no call back. I had to call again and do my own follow up.

As I am talking about my driver and cancelling the contract I am informed that I was renewed automatically for 36 months. The old driver didn't inform them and since I signed the FRONT of the contract and the auto notice is on the BACK I agreed to it.

I was informed that I have a new driver my old driver has a new route.I said ok so how is that my fault? I cancelled with the other driver.

There was no notice sent saying hey contract is expiring you are up for renewal.

Oh well here are your the minimum or you can buyout the contact? Nope not doing any of those options.

Beware before you sign their contracts!!!!

They do not care about the little guy.....all they care about is money in their greedy pockets.

What they are doing should be illegal. How do these people sleep at night knowing they are taking advantage of people. There are no ethics with this company.

Do not sign any contracts with this company you will regret it.

Everyone promises service UNTIL you sign the contract, then no more service.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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You are correct. CINTAS purposely overcharge people and will fine you for wanting out of contracts. I do not reccomend them and I used to work there.

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