Cintas corporation will have you sign a 5 year agreement without telling you. I've been a customer for 2 years , my driver was always short products, price increase almost every 3 months, couldn't take it anymore so I called cintas to discontinued service that's when I was told that I had a 5 years contract. they took me to court where I had to pay thousands of dollars to buyout the remaining weeks of service in my contract before you do anything with cintas do your research, don't sign anything, you end up paying thousands of dollars like I did.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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We used Cintas to supply uniforms for our medical practice.A few years into a 5 year contract we noticed that our bills had tripled.

Upon review and without notice Cintas did not honor their pricing rather they had been gouging us almost from the beginning. We called and canceled the service but the wanted 12k for a buyout of the remainder of the contract.

They sued us, we hired an attorney and levied a counter suit and won. ‪ #saynotoCintas.‬

to B Bloom #1400787

HI can you help us be giving name of law firm you use against cintas.

to B Bloom #1478364

Hello, im in the same situation, you know what can a lawyer i can hire..thank you

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1265056

Yes, this company is a big scam. the only way they keep their customers is by tricking them to sign a 60 months agreement .

So therefore if you tried to cancel you will have to payout thousands of dollars. The supplies are 3-4X higher than the average store cost. Please do your homework before signing the contract to this company.

You can save thousands of dollars by getting your own supplies from a wholesale company. This company is a SCAM

Albertville, Alabama, United States #1209386

Cintas is a scam company. I worked there a long time and morally I could no longer take it. stay away!


They did the same to us...not tell us we were renewing our contract when we sign to lower the bill...on the back of the contract it stated if they raise the price and we dont agree ...we can terminate the contract


Total Scumbags, would never do business with them again. Avoid at all costs

to Anonymus Union Bridge, Maryland, United States #1049980

of course this post is anonymous

to Lee #1147094

" of course this post is anonymous " .. You work for Cintas ?

Seattle, Washington, United States #913938

You can reject any price increases they make while under contract but you have 10 days to do so. It's a pain in the ***, but I use cintas and play the game because if you know how to work them it saves you money.

Never buy into any auto-bill features other than laundry stuff. Chemicals and other things are a rip-off and they will charge you way more than you are using...Just laundry...no disposables, no chemicals...just laundry. When negotiating the contracts make sure your replacement fees are reasonable, when I started they had our replacement fee for 1 bar towel at over $3.

They are not towel counting that much either, so if you have damaged towels...throw them away! that will actually save you money.


Sounds like you shouldve read what you signed BEFORE you signed..otherwise known as a dumb ***

to Anonymous Darlington, South Carolina, United States #945989

Lol this has to be someone who works for Cintas

to Anonymous Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States #1191928



All you people crying about being tricked into signing a 5 year contract are all ***. If you weren't so lazy as to flip the page and read the back you'd be well aware of the term, also no other company will start up any kind of service without some kind of contract in place.

How can they put the up front investment with hopes that people will just stick around???

Call up any supplier and you will see

to Anonymous #979897

It's called the cost of doing business. Either way if they were not a bunch of scam artists, they would sign you for one year.

Nobody "needs" a five year contract, they do it so that they can be free to do whatever they want. It's complete ***.

to Anonymous #1047779

I was never given a contract. No contract, month to month service is what I agreed on.

I never received a contract until I didn't need mats any longer after two years due to getting a new floor. When I tried to tell them to come get mats they said I had a 60 month contract. I asked for a copy of contract and it was a digital image contract with a digital signature where I signed for mats to be delivered. Who gets away with putting your digital signature on any contract?

They said I signed a digital box to the contract. I thought I was just signing for my mats that were being delivered. I have had to argue about payments being paid to them. I had to prove payments were made and I had to go through two weeks of proving I paid them.

I understand that they have to get paid, but they are definitely a dirty sneaky company.

to Jean #1155976

So how did u get it stopped.

to Jean Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1258072

This happened to us as well. We're you successful at canceling due to be tricked?


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to TRAC #903201

Whatever...we also see dozens of posts from so-called companies that claim to "lower uniform costs" when in fact it is quite the opposite..you charge little on the front end but when its time for your actual "guarantee of discount services" is when you charge over 300% of initial contract charge or threaten litigation...which is why there are literally dozens of your type of B.S. "business"...so scam elsewhere, dumbazz

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