I walked into the local Cintas corporation in Abilene, Texas and heard this lady cussing at another Cintas employee. I asked for her name and all I could get was it "She is the office manager." She is a tall lady with glasses and she should not be in her position!

As a matter of fact, she shouldn't ever be in a role dealing with customers.

The sad thing is the other employee took all of the negative/degrading verbage that the lady threw at her. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH CINTAS!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The higher ups walk. With.

There noses In. The air think there too good


I wouldn't recommend. Cintas.

So glad. I quit


They expect you. To.

Be. Smiling. While wor king. Who.

Smiles. While. Sweating. An working.

Hard. No one. Get us. Help.

But of. Course. They. Won't.

We ain't. White


The. Truck drivers are all. White.


The loader sleeps. During.

Working. Hours. An. Gets.

Away with. It. Because the. Night.

Leader. To afraid to say. Anything. To.

Him. Which is.

Not fair for the other. Workers


They see you working. Hard.

An. Know it's. Too much. Work.

For. One. Person. An.

Still don't. Hire. You. Help.

They. Like. To. See.

You. Sweat. An working.

Like. A slave


They work you like slaves


Total horse ***...."I just walked in"...I've never been able to just "walk in"..have to use a security key to swipe the door....total bull

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