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Our company has a signed a five year contract and have experienced double digit price increases every year. The only price concessions I can get from them is if I sign for a fresh five year contract.

I make it a practice of never signing a contract for more than one year.

You give up any leverage by signing a long-term contract. Cintas even has a clause in their contract that says if you do not provide a written request at least 6 months prior to the end of your current contract, your contract is automatically extended another five years.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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If you have uniforms they couldn't do one year. It takes 18 months to amortize or pay off the uniform investment, after that they start making money.

Most Companies can do a 3 year term. If a uniform company says they'll do under 2 years be aware of Restocking Fees!! They'll say one year works, but wont tell you that they'll make there money back on fees when the deal ends!If you don't have uniforms, just towels, rugs, etc.

They can Probably do a one year "allied" agreement. That would depend on how willing the GM of a certain location is to have your business, usually depends on the profitability of your business as a new account for them...Good Luck, Work your "Service Guarantee" force them to fix issues or pull their product!


Try rejecting the price increase and see if they will cancel your contract. You have 10 days after the increase to reject it in writting.

to Anonymous #1498752

If they cancel your contract, are you then exempt from the early termination costs?

to Anonymous #1505119

i tried that, salesman tried to upsell me on chemicals to offset price. we have had the uniforms since January, started at $116 per week and is now over $140.

they keep adding in size premiums but nobody changed their uniforms.

there is a product called skunk essence. I might just add that to old uniforms on pick up day and wait for the driver to complain enough and they ask to cancel contract.

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