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As a manager of a small property I contacted Cintas to get pricing on mats for our doorways. Sales Rep Kyle Popish stopped by my property to discuss options.

I was straight up with him telling him we were on a very tight budget and would not need any additional services. I made the mistake of telling him that we had other properties in this area and I swear you could have seen the dollar signs just clicking in his eyes. From that point on he did not pay attention to anything I had to say. To make a long story short, it was explained to Kyle that I do not have the authorization to sign any kind of agreements on behalf of my company since I am not an authorized signer and it needed to be done by my Regional Manager.

In the meantime, my Regional Manager had left the company. I contacted Kyle and explained to him that everything needed to be on hold until a new Regional Manager was in place. Well he disregarded my instructions and took it upon himself to order mats for my property. There were things he wanted to change in the agreement with my company and it was explained to him that if things needed to be changed the entire process needed to be redone.

He stopped by my office and was going over different things and had me sign something on a tablet. Now knowing that my signature is not an authorized signature he still had me sign his tablet. He then took my signature and applied to it to their agreement. He has since contacted me to set up delivery which I have already told him everything was on hold until a new Regional Manager was in place.

He stated everything was okay on their end and they can start services. Why he is not understanding it is not okay on our end is beyond me. So he is told once again that we will not be accepting any mats. He then gets his Marketing Manager Brittany Bartolini involved.

So I had to go through the same thing with her. Once again they did not understand. They continue to try and bully me into getting their mats. I have contacted both Brittany and Kyle and told them that we will not be going with their company and to cancel everything they have on their end because it is not happening on our end.

Last I heard they were speaking to management to see which avenue they would like to go, meaning, if they are going to use the scare tactic of getting lawyers involved over a $58 service and some mats that they purchased prior to getting the okay from the client. They like to say that the signature from me on their tablet is the okay from the client and they still do not understand that my company does not view my signature as authorization. Whatever you do....DO NOT go with Cintas for anything.

You can find better, cheaper, and locally owned companies to do the same things they do but with more class. Scammers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cintas Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Sales person, Sales manager, Very poor management, I have never worked with a worse vendor incompetent.

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Ouch!! What a shady tactic.However, in regard to your point about local companies, they are often worse than a big national company.

There is little oversight with the mom and pop uniform companies, and the service is usually not great. They don't have the technology or capabilities to do as good a job. You dealt with a bad regional team, and the whole industry is kinda shady. But as an industry vet working for both small and large players, I would say that the local companies can be much worse!

And they'll be harder to get rid of in many cases. Try Aramark out, they have a strong reputation in the industry, and a friendlier service agreement that is on paper.


Cintas over charges customers and will fine large amounts of money to get out of contracts. All drivers work on commission and they are not going to do what is best for customer, but what is best for their pockets.


Just listen to their incredibly annoying, repetitive, advertising.....hello?!?!


Why would you sign your name to ANYTHING if it wasn’t what you wanted?

to Anonymous #1443560

You didn't get to see what you were ACTUALLY signing. It was a screen on a tablet.

When you asked if you can read what you were signing you were told no. I then told him well I am not an authorized signer so I cannot sign anything.

Kyle said well it's not the agreement it's just saying you're interested in logo mats. What they did was took your signature from that and put it to their agreement without your knowledge.


I'm located in NEPA and I had the same problem with Kyle and his sidekick Tommy. They said that I needed to initial for sample merchandise, but I actually signed a 60 month contract. Thanks for posting!


Where are you located?

to Chris Hansen 913 #1436684

In the Wilkes-Barre Area.

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