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What people don't know and how cintas likes to portray themselves is as a company with a spartan attitude, which is true unless it comes to management. They will earn all these bonuses by ripping off customers and other companies they hire to do their work but then come up with silly reasons to not pay them or underpay them.

They will charge customers for new items but simply exchange their items with their old refurbished stuff. Will charge double for services the customers know nothing about because they are probably not trained in the fire industry. They are caught all the time and then they try to blame the techs that did the work though reported the issue but were told to fix it the easy and cheap way.

They are taking the work from their local branches and their customers away to then overcharge the customers as a national account as a whole, though they would have locally paid half of the charge they have now. Keep away from them as an employee and a customer

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I just spoke to the cast of the movie 300 and they love your Spartan attitude

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